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Best Beard Trimmers 2017 #1 : Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200

No mess, no stress. With the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7200, you’ll get both because its unique design comes with an internal vacuum that makes for a clean shaving experience. And who wouldn’t pick a clean sink over the alternative once the job is done?

The 7200’s integrated vacuum system promises to catch up to 90% of your stray hairs thanks to a high-velocity motor and fan system that provide powerful suction to lift and capture maximum hairs. But the vacuum system isn’t the only reason this trimmer is a go-to choice.

With its lift and trim technology and self-sharpening blades, the Philips Norelco 7200 lifts and guides hair for a more efficient cut. The blades are double-sharpened to cut more hairs with every pass, which makes for faster trimming.

The lift and trim technology also make for a more uniform trim. Because it can guide more hair, it’s perfect for those who have very thick or bushy hair. Moreover, the comb attachment has rounded tips to evenly capture and trim hair without irritating your skin.

Dialing in your perfect length is made easy thanks to 20 built-in length settings, allowing you to select your preferred length setting by turning the zoom wheel. Lengths are displayed from 0.5 mm to 10 mm.

Convenience is further provided by the trimmer’s self-sharpening blades that eliminate the necessity of blade changes that can be a hassle and expensive. You’ll never have to change blades again, and the 7200’s blades sharpen on each side to further ensure a clean, precise trim.

Long-lasting power is provided by an advanced lithium-ion battery that delivers maximum power for high-performance trimming. The battery is designed to provide 80 minutes of cordless use before you’ll need to charge it, which makes it the best cordless trimmer on the market. Better yet, you’ll only need to charge it for one hour to get back the full 80 minutes. You can also use the Philips Norelco 7200 while it’s charging and it includes a battery indicator to let you know when it’s charged, charging, or needs to be plugged in.

When you need to get those harder-to-reach areas after your trim, you can add defining details (or trim your mustache) by clicking on one of the 3 mm or 5 mm precision combs on the trimmer.

Cleaning up after you finished is already easier thanks to the integrated vacuum system – you’ll love how your sink looks when you’re done – and cleaning the trimmer itself involves simply rinsing the blades under water and emptying the chamber. The 7200 comes with a cleaning brush that enables you to whisk away any loose hairs while helping to extend the life of your trimmer.

> BUY It Now : $ 59.99$ 54.95 

3.8 out of 5 stars  943 customer reviews

Philips Norelco backs its trimmer with a two-year warranty that’s extended to five years. All you need to do is register your trimmer on www.norelco.com/register

Also, here’s a video of the 7200 if you want to take a closer look:

> BUY It Now : $ 59.99$ 54.95 

3.8 out of 5 stars  943 customer reviews


  •  Self-sharpening blades
  •  Integrated vacuum system
  •  Easily washable (attachments only)
  •  20 built-in length settings, including a 0.5 mm stubble setting
  •  Long-lasting power


  • Vacuum reduces the exposed blade area, making detail trimming more difficult than with some models


Whether you’re maintaining a touch of stubble of a great beard, the Philips Norelco Trimmer 7200 delivers. You’ll have less mess when you’ve finished thanks to its integrated vacuum system, while it has long-lasting cordless power.


The Norelco 7200 is a fine all-around trimmer. But we think it works at maximum efficiency on beards that consist of fine to medium hairs, while perhaps not as good on coarser hair.

source : baldingbeards.com

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