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Aymen's full Beard Success Story



Go ahead. Break free from the shaving trap and grow a beard.If you are ready to step up to the challenge of growing a beard
, it is time to start growing. The key to a successful beard-growing effort is commitment. Just make a decision to grow a beard and stick with it. Do not be swayed by naysayers or lapses in your own confidence. Do not let a transient period of itching send you running for the razor. Just make a commitment to grow the beard and stick with it. Make it non-negotiable and always remember that. It helps to set a commitment date. Be sure that you allow yourself at least six weeks. Then, stick to your resolution not to cave and shave prior to your commitment date.

It can often be helpful to choose a bearded role model to serve as a source of inspiration while growing your beard. This could be someone you know or it could be a famous or historic bearded figure. While growing your beard, if at any time your commitment and confidence falter, just remember your bearded role model and realize that he successfully grew his beard and realize that you can, too.

Self-consciousness is often heightened during the initial beard-growing phase. Do not worry about it! Man up! Be proud that you are asserting your right to grow a beard for all to see. If self-consciousness is tough for you, try starting the beard while away on a vacation or holiday break. When you return to your regular environment, remember your commitment. Do not be shaken by the reactions of others. After all, it is your decision, not theirs. It also helps to take positive comments as supportive statements while disregarding negative comments as being irrelevant.

Aymen :
  • “Growing a full beard has added a different dimension to my being. I don’t feel I am the same man — I feel I am a better man. That’s not necessarily because of the way my beard looks, but because of the pride I feel in doing something that has dramatically altered my appearance and for having the guts and determination to see it through.”

Q&A :

Did you enjoy the beard-growing process?

Very much. It was a great adventure: not just with waiting to see how it would turn out (it was like very slowly unwrapping a present over a very long time), but also a journey with my mind. It was interesting experiencing all the positive as well as negative thoughts and emotions about it and myself that I went through. But even those moments of dread and self-doubt were worth going through as life is much more interesting by overcoming obstacles rather than having it all just be as easy as pie.

For me, the trick to overcoming my insecurities was to just give in to the experience. Of course, now I’m realizing there’s really no such thing as an odd or freakish beard — at least I’ve never seen one. There are many different styles, lengths and colors to be sure, but it’s all good. No one should ever be criticized for being themselves, perfectly natural with whatever inherent traits you’re born with.

You’ve grown a full beard. How did you select this style?

I wanted to try something different with my facial hair. Although I’ve had a stand-alone mustache for decades and had tried growing a beard twenty years ago, my first thought was to simply add a goatee because I’ve seen many other men with a mustache and goatee that I felt looked very good on them and would be something I could probably pull off. I had this notion that the only type of full beard that would look good on me was one that was dark and thick. I knew I couldn’t accomplish such a feat with my particular hair traits. And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found my stubble getting more and more coarse. So in my mind, the image of what I’d look like with a full beard was something of a thin, patchy, overly-coarse, and probably very unattractive beard.

So I started growing the goatee. But after a week or so I found beardtricks.net After seeing all the great-looking full beards and reading how the guys all seemed very happy about theirs, I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve always admired men with full beards and have always enjoyed getting scruffy-faced myself. So growing a full beard just made more sense and was the natural choice. It also seemed a lot easier to let a full beard grow out first and trim it back later on to a goatee if I chose to, rather than to try to grow a goatee from scratch. But once the full beard came in, and I was surprisingly very happy with it, I decided to keep it that style.

How do you like being a full-bearded man?

I love it. It makes me feel more masculine and that I am more of my own man for growing one, that I’m willing to experiment and experience new things, and that I am unique among men.

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