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full facial beards - New Fashion that makes women just can't stop staring

I noticed that several current NFL players are currently sporting beards and not a half-done goatee number that became fashionable in the early 90s and still graces the faces of many guys. We're talking full frontal camouflage here so, as a full facial beard guy, I may be in real danger of becoming trendy in the near future.

I can live with that possibility because it turns out that my first beard in the late 70s was not only a protest against the androgynous disco look; it was also the fashion of the day for many musicians from Bob Seger to Marvin Gaye to wimpier musicians like Kenny Loggins and Robbie Dupree.

I may have thought that I was swimming upstream with my anti- Saturday- Night- Fever- John- Travolta- truly- sucks and pro- plaid shirt Al( "I don't think so Tim") Borland look but it turns out that I was influenced by other celebrity forces.

There was a TV program about a frontiersman and his pet grizzly bear that aired during my early days as a bearded guy. I never watched the show but I heard the name 'Grizzly Adams 'to describe me from people many times in the late 70s.

So I wasn't quite the bearded fashion rebel that I thought in my early beard days, but I did find that most women were not huge fans of full facial hair in any era. Despite this stark fact, I continued to grow a beard every winter for the first few years.

Then I went to year-round with the concept.

I began to realize that women may not be onside with beards in general, but they seemed to like me in a beard better than me not in a beard. For every rule, there must be an exception and I was that guy.

Some guys look natural in a beard and I might be one of those guys. I am definitely not a skinny undersized guy so a beard looks more natural on me, perhaps in bikers or future Santa Claus kind of way. Either way, people seem to accept the look as it applies to me.

So when I see pro athletes sporting full beards, I realize that we may be on the cusp of a new fad, albeit one that may not work for every guy. I do like the prospect that it might move us away from the metrosexual look that has plagued us in recent times. No guy on this planet should wax away his masculinity and try to reinvent himself as an older version of his pre-adolescent self- before the testosterone kicked in.

That is just wrong in so many ways.

Anyhow, I look forward to seeing how far the NFL players can push the fad of beards on a new wave of followers. I only hope that they use good judgment when it comes to beards because a sparse beard looks terrible and chicks will dig them even less.

That is my final word of caution when it comes to facial matters.

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