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How to Maintain a Beard

If you want to have a beard, then you need to do something to maintain it. If you want a good looking beard, there is much more to it than just letting all your facial hair grow out being lazy. There is maintenance that you need to be doing actively so that you can have the facial hair you want without issues.

Grow your beard and focus on shaping it at first. This is not about letting every bit of facial hair on your face grow week after week. You need to shape it so that it fits your face. Most people are going to follow the jaw line or right below it. Keep both sides of the beard matching each other. Some men not only have to shape the bottom of the beard but also the top as facial hair can be pretty high on the cheeks at times.

Trim each part of the beard so that it fits you. Everyone has different facial hair patterns so there is no standard rues. Get a good trimmer that have more than one length since you are going to need this. The mustache area is going to be shorter as most don't like it going over their lips too far. The sideburns need to be blended well so it fits your hair cut. Many times you end up having about three or four different lengths that you trim your beard to.

If your beard isn't the same color as your hair or even grey, consider coloring it so that it fits you a bit better.

You have to wash your beard like any other hair. Use shampoo on it each day when bathing. You might need to use a mild or sensitive skin shampoo since some people's faces get irritated with normal shampoos. If your beard is very course, conditioner does help.

Comb your beard if it tends to be more curly and all over the place. Normally just drying it with a towel pushing it down is fine but some need to actually comb it to make sure it stays in place.

If you want to have a beard, you need to learn to maintain it. Learn what steps that you need to take to keep your beard looking nice.

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