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Patchy Beard success stories Before and After photos

An important objective of beardtricks.net is to encourage, 
challenge, or inspire men to grow their beards. When readers report that have grown their beards thanks to this site, I consider it a beard success story. Even if they later choose not to remain bearded, it is still a success story because they had the dedication — and even courage — to go through the beard growing experience at least once.

scott's beard story :

Hopefully this will be helpful to people who have patchy sides like me, when I was growing I was so doubtful about if they would fill in or look okay, so here are some picture of my sides when I first started growing and you can see how patchy it was, and then some pictures from today to show how length really can fill in all the problem spots.

Left side about 2 months in

Right side a little over 2 months

Left side today

Right Side today

From the front 

Anyways, you see guys, weak cheeks and sides don't matter with length!

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