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A Daily Beard Care Routine For The Perfect Beard

Now that you have started to grow your beard, what do you do about maintaining it on a daily basis? This thread gives you just the basics to get you started and as your beard journey continues, these routines are likely to change.


Wash your beard every day in cool water and do not apply any soaps or shampoos on these days. Once or twice a week use a non-sulfate high quality shampoo in warm water followed by conditioner. Soaps are not recommended because they don't rinse well depending on water hardness and they may leave hair rough and dried out. After shampooing, rinse the beard thoroughly in cool water. Note that there are shampoos designed just for beards from companies like Beardsley and Bluebeards and these are generally only available online. 


Condition your beard daily. On shampoo days this could be a companion product to the shampoo applied in the shower, letting it sit in the beard for a few minutes and followed by rinsing in cool water.  On days of washing only,  jojoba oil may be applied after the beard is mostly dry. &fnbsp;Use only about 3-6 drops of the product and work it into the hair and skin. This will replace oils lost during the showering process and it will leave the a slight sheen to the beard. 


Drying can be done either by air drying or with a hair dryer on low heat. When using a hair dryer, pull the beard in the direction you want the beard to lay with a soft brush and once dry, the hairs should lay mostly as dried. 


For a short beard, brushing with a Boar's Hair brush is best because of the softness of the brush. Brushing helps to stimulate skin and spread oils.  Always wait until the beard is dry before brushing and brush in the direction you want the hair to lay.

source: jefffsbeardboard.yuku.com

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