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How to achieve Beard Success

What is Beard Success?  Some might define this as the point in time when that new hair on your face becomes acceptable you. Perhaps you look in the mirror one morning and say to yourself "Man, for the first time, I really feel bearded today."  It might be a change of mind from having doubts about your ability to grow a beard to accepting what you have grown so far and calling that facial hair a beard. 

1 - being critical and learning :

In the early stages of a new beard we all experience uncertainty, not accepting what we have, claiming incomplete coverage, making assumption of the final beard too early, asking for advice or moral support, and just not knowing what to expect. These times are marked with uncertainty and we tend to be very critical of the beard we think we will have. On top of all this, those close to us wonder why in the world we have embarked on this crazy beard business anyway.  We learn that this journey takes lots of patience and that the beard doesn't just grow everywhere at the same rate... there is heavy coverage, and light coverage and something called slower starters that don't start to even grow until the second or third month.  With all this going on, the mind is really trying to figure out about this beard journey business. 

2 - accepting the beard and tweaking :

At that point in time when we accept the hair on our face as a beard, there is usually a change of mind from being critical to accepting the beard. Then instead of wondering when the sides will thicken or when the connectors will grow, you think about the positives, as for example, the great coverage of the goatee or sideburns, or how the stache is beginning to fill in. We are no longer debating whether to continue to grow the beard.  We talk about our beard strengths rather than our beard weaknesses.  The tone changes from asking questions to admitting that we like the beard now or it has become a part of you. Instead of asking what to do next, a style or change is made and we generally declare that we like it. At this point the real beard journey begins and we expect to see more tweaking and experimenting as the journey continues.

3 - Month Beard = Success?

It seems most first time beard growers are given the instruction to grow everything for 3 months and the question is asked... will this mean that I have a successful beard then?  This simple answer is maybe. At 3 months, most coverage in adult beards has arrived, including slower starters that may wait until the second month to start growing. This is a time when beard lengths can be evened up and coverage can be accessed to determine acceptability of the beard. Some guys may not claim success for a few more months, other guys may never claim success and still other guys may claim success after two weeks with a full stubble beard. Success is in the eyes of the beardsman and when we hear those words of acceptance, we'll know success has arrived. 

Source : jefffsbeardboard.yuku.com

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