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Taking beard development and growth to the next level

 As with all parts of the body, it's important to have a balanced diet, get good exercise, plenty of sleep and avoid stress. These are the keys to beard success.

Diet :

The most important aspect of growing the best beard possible is with a healthy and balanced diet.  Ideally, whole foods whether plant or animal should be consumed.  A diverse whole foods diet contains minerals, vitamins, energy and the building blocks that are needed to maintain beard health and optimize growth.  Focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, tubers, legumes, nuts, meat, poultry,  cold water fish (Salmon, sardines, etc), dairy and plenty of water.  Avoid processed foods that are refined as they are empty calories and lack nutrient density.  Long term over consumption of foods like french fries, cookies, cake, soda, donuts and other refined foods will lead to health problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes in the long run.  These serious health problems will also lead to poor beard health and growth.

Vitamins and Supplements :

If one has a balanced whole foods diet, supplementation is not necessary.   However, most people do not eat a balanced diet of whole foods.  If you are one of them, a good multivitamin taken daily supplemented with quality fish oil can help meet nutrient requirements not met by the diet.  This may also help prevent deficiencies that could indirectly affect beard health and growth.  On the beard board, there are members who take a vitamin called Biotin for beard health.  There is some research evidence that supports that it can provide body to the hair but will not stimulate new growth.  Keep in mind, that scientific evidence is lacking in regards to whether vitamin supplementation contributes to improved beard growth in healthy individuals.   Supplements may not be necessary for a successful beard.

Stress :

Try to minimize stress because the body tries to combat excess stress levels by turning off non-essential functions, of which hair growing is one of the non-essentials.  

 Sleep :

Sleep helps the body repair itself by growing new cells which includes growing new hair. Getting adequate sleep also helps to reduce stress levels. Testosterone production is at it's highest in the morning after a good night's sleep. A lack of sleep over a long period of time can lead to hormone imbalances that increase stress and reduce testosterone.  This can lead to poor beard health.

Exercise :

Exercise helps to carry nutrients through the blood and rebuilds new cells when muscle tissue breaks down during exercise. This includes hair. Regular exercise keeps testosterone levels high which in turn is needed for new beard development. To maximize testosterone levels to the fullest, try short burst, intense interval exercises with short breaks. A 20 minute session of repeated high intensity exercises with short rest periods that gets the heart rate up will produce improved levels of testosterone. 

Smoking and Drinking :

Smoking restricts blood flow and is a negative to beard growing. Drinking in moderation has no negative effect on hair growth and in fact, could lower stress levels which would be a positive.  Of course, drinking to the point of affecting the liver will have negative effects on the beard and the entire body.

Sex :

Sex produces increased levels of testosterone and reduces stress levels... two good things for beard development.


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