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Tips and Techniques for Eating and Drinking for beardsmen

I thought we should have a thread dedicated to specific advice on how to eat and drink when you have a beard and/or moustache. I have certainly gleaned a good deal of that kind of information from various sources and even gained some experience myself. I think it would be very beneficial to those just starting out to have some concrete tips. 

I hope that some of you will have more to add so we can make this a good resource for anyone thinking that eating and drinking may be a problem with a beard (I can add your tips to this post so we can have one big list of our collected expertise on the subject and people won't have to scroll through pages and pages trying to find useful information). So, without further ado, here are some useful tips and techniques:


1.Use a straw or water bottle. (Note: It is easier to drink from bottles than glasses - especially with regard to carbonated beverages - but be careful with hot drinks!)

2.Use a moustache cup or travel mug.

3.Learn to drink from your bottom lip – it feels a bit strange at first, but once you get the hang of it you will be pouring beverages over your lip without getting anything on your moustache. (Hint: you will need to tilt your head.)

4.Watch out for coloured beverages and white shirts. If you have not mastered drinking without soaking your moustache, you could end up raining a nasty stain on your shirt.

5.Keep a napkin or handkerchief concealed in the palm of your hand and discretely dab off any liquid you may have on your moustache after each sip.

6.Same as above, but use your sleeve (only appropriate in certain company).

7.Drink as normal and slurp the remaining liquid off your moustache (only appropriate in certain company).


General Tips

1.Use a knife and fork. Don’t overload your fork.
1a. Chopsticks are probably even better for getting appropriately sized mouthfuls past your moustache.

1b. Carry a pocket knife - a useful tool for both Boy Scouts and moustachioed men.

2.Brush your moustache away from your mouth using your thumb and forefinger before taking a bite.

3.Roll your upper lip upwards and your lower lip downwards slightly so you are baring your teeth somewhat before you insert any food into your mouth. This will angle your moustache away from your mouth and give you more room to work with.

4.If you want to eat something that will be messy no matter what, keep a damp facecloth handy for frequent wiping. It is much more effective than using a whole pile of napkins.

5.Keep a cloth handkerchief in your pocket. It is useful for wiping your moustache and won’t leave dust particles like paper napkins or the like.

5a. Unscented baby wipes can also be useful, although it may be hard to explain why you have baby wipes in your car if you don't have kids.

6.When you bring your fork up to your mouth, come from below your moustache at an upwards angle instead of straight at your mouth.

6a. For anything that can't be made small enough to get safely past your moustache (large deli sandwiches, corn on the cob, etc.), bring the food item up from below (as described above) and rotate the item away from your moustache so your moustache rides on top. It may be messy, but at least you will avoid the painful experience of chomping on your moustache!

7. Simply open your mouth wider.

8. Use some kind of a mechanical restraint to keep your moustache out of your mouth (only appropriate in certain company).

9. Use very little or no wax in the middle of your moustache. It will make it easier to keep clean when eating.

10. When wiping off your moustache, use the napkin/handkerchief/paper towel to push your moustache to the sides. This has the dual purpose of keeping your moustache clean and getting it out of the way for the next bite.

Specific Foods

If the topping is not likely to drip into your lap or onto the floor, you can turn the toast upside down to keep your moustache from getting all sticky. You can also cut or fold the toast in half to make a lid, which will help keep your moustache clean. Another tip is to cut your toast into strips (toast soldiers or toast fingers, depending on where you are from) - and I admit I still do it myself to dip into a soft boiled egg - yum!


Fold the slice of pizza in half lengthwise. Or be European and use a knife and fork (that wouldn't raise eyebrows over here, I can tell you).


Roll your lower lip down into a (very) slight pout and use the inside of your lower lip to take any yoghurt of the bottom of the spoon. Then, turn the spoon upside down and insert into your mouth.


Turn it upside down and brush your moustache to the sides with your thumb and forefinger before each bite. To quote Schnauzer, "The bottom bun is flatter and your bottom jaw is what drops to accept the rounded top, which is now on the bottom. If the condiments ooze out you need only wipe your lower lip and possibly chin, not your 'tache."

Ice Cream

Using a spoon is the obvious choice (using the same technique as for yoghurt), but if you really want a cone you will need to have a couple of napkins on hand and use your tongue to lick the ice cream rather than putting it right up to your lips. When you get to the cone, you will need to use General Tip #3, listed above – and be very careful.


Don’t overfill your spoon. Pour the soup into your mouth over your lower lip and/or insert the spoon carefully and completely into your mouth before closing your mouth and removing the soup. Alternatively, use a moustache cup or a straw (for smooth soups only, of course).


Use a smaller spoon. Using a smaller spoon will allow you to be more careless with how you eat your morning cereal. Kind of nice at a time of day when most of us aren't really paying attention to how we look, but could certainly do without a milky moustache. This could probably also work with soup, but eating soup with a teaspoon may seem a little odd.

Pastries, buns, doughnuts, etc.

Tear off bite sized pieces that you can easily put in your mouth without getting your moustache messy. If the item is too messy or sticky, you can use a knife to cut the pieces and then either a fork or your fingers to put it in your mouth.


Cut into triangles and eat them point first.


Cut into appropriately sized wedges with your cutting implement of choice.

Large Tree Fruits

While I can manage an apple, following General Tips 2 and 3 above, I have a hard time with juicier fruits. Whatever the case, the safest bet is to cut them into slices or wedges.

source : jefffsbeardboard.yuku.com

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