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Top 10 worst celebrity beards

When it comes to facial hair, there’s a fine line between sexy and creepy.

Some men are blessed with the ability to grow a magnificent beard. Others, not so much. But it's alright, because even famous celebrities aren't exempt from having a crappy beard. 

Today we'll take a look at the top 10 worst celebrity beards!
Just For Fun 😍😘😜

Top 10 Celebrities With The Worst Beards 

Tom Hardy :

Worst Beard #10. Tom Hardy, Actor 

What It Is: The Face Art Beard
Tip: Show some personality with accessories instead—or, you know, a really cool tie.

Brad Pitt :

Worst Beard #9. Brad Pitt, Actor 

What It Is: The (Very) Full Beard 

Tip: Next time you're at the barber, ask for the best style for your face shape.

David Beckham :

Worst Beard #8. David Beckham, Soccer Player

What It Is: The 48-Hour Beard

Get the Look: Depending on the heaviness of your growth, let it grow in for a few days and maintain it by using the 1 clip on most trimmers.

Benicio Del Torro :

Worst Beard #7.Benicio Del Torro, Actor 

Get the Look: Watch your barber do it the first time so you can get it right. Using a razor, or the 1 or 2 clip on your trimmer, shave a square around your mouth, and clean up with a straight razor.

Matthew Mcconaughey :

Worst Beard #6. Matthew Mcconaughey, Actor, 

What It Is: The Full Natural

Verdict: There are three types of men who can get away with this look: men who are so rich they don't have to shave (shown), men who are so broke they don't have to try, and men who are literally living off the land (only applies in Alaska). Otherwise, this is not your look. 

Get the look: Don't pack your razor. Move to Alaska.

Spencer Pratt :

Worst Beard #5. Spencer Pratt ,Television personality,

What It Is: The Madman

Verdict: A classic case of: right beard, wrong guy. "Long faces look better with full beards and round faces are complimented with trimmed sideburns and longer chin hair," says Capizzano.

Kendricl Lamar :

Worst Beard #4. Kendricl Lamar ,Hip-hop artist,

Get the Look: Use a 3 clip on your face as soon as the snow (hair) completely blocks out the grass (your facial skin). Use a 4 clip on your neck to keep that hair shorter than your facial hair.

James Franco :

Worst Beard #3. Jon Hamm, Actor

What It Is: The Accidental Beard 

Tip: The key to making your beard look like it grew in "just the way you wanted" is to keep your neck hair shorter than your facial hair. If you trim your face with a 4 clip, use a 3 clip on your neck and avoid lining up the edges of your cheeks and neck.

Taylor Lautner :

Worst Beard #2. Taylor Lautner, Actor

What It Is: The Comeback Beard 

Tip: The more hair you have, the more likely food will deposit there. Make mirrors your friend and wash your face frequently.

Keanu Reeves :

Worst Beard #1. Keanu Reeves, Actor 

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  1. Im retired now. I dont need to be pretty. That's why I have a beard.


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