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Top Surprising Benefits To Grow A Beard

You are about to start a new beard or you have been growing your beard for a month now or you already have a successful beard journey going. Why would you want to answer the question "Why am I growing a beard?" 

Well, people are going to ask you this question and most don't want to hear you say you are growing a beard "because I'm lazy" or "because I wanted to". If you can explain with conviction why you chose to get bearded, that will go a long way toward others accepting your beard... it gives the message that you thought out this decision to grow a beard and you're glad about it. 

So choose some of these benefits for your situation and see if others are more accepting of your beard.

Benefits for most men, the biggies

  • Manliness
  • Individuality
  • Experience life changing event
  • Statement of your personal style
  • Respect by others [mostly men] for stepping out
  • Get more attention or become center of attention
  • Conversation starter
  • Shows commitment
  • Learn about yourself
  • Give better shape to your face
  • More confidence
  • More open, bold or even extroverted
  • Handsome or better look
  • Where I am in life right now
  • Makes me feel good about myself
  • A natural and effortless thing to do

Benefits for most men, the lessors 

  • Protect your skin
  • Don't need to shave
  • Complement a bald head
  • Hide blemishes or double chin
  • Benefits for Teens
  • Older look and maturity
  • Manliness
  • Patience
  • Confidence
  • Making an adult decision
  • Mature discussion topic with parents

Benefits for Older Men [gray beards]

  • Distinguished
  • Younger look
  • Statesman look

Of course, we can't have all these benefits with some disadvantages and these are the challenges to be prepared to discuss with others as they come up

-Others cannot accept a beard on you for any number of reasons
-Called names or hear jokes about the beard
-Strained relationships with wives, significant others or parents
-For most, increased time for daily maintenance

watch this video : 

15 Beard Facts that will make you appreciate your beard

source : jefffsbeardboard.yuku.com 

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