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Trimming, Grooming and Styling beards

There are many reasons to trim or groom or style a beard. This thread is a collection of thoughts and ideas posted by various users for deciding whether to take any of these actions.

TRIM Your beard!

Yes, trim it! 
Look, I have learned a lot being bearded these past few years. The beard is no longer just an accessory, it is a long-term part of me. Whether you are going for the long-term or just setting a small goal, there is no reason not to maximize your experience. We all know about good beard days and bad beard days. Why not ensure you have a good beard day every day?

Do not set a goal of time. Set a goal of length. I made that mistake when I grew my yeard and let me tell ya, those last few months I was miserable. My beard grows at vastly different rates of speed, it forks in the middle, and some of it is straight while some is densely curled. It looked horrible and I didn't even want to look in the mirror. But hey, I had set this goal of one year and I'd be damned to trim a single hair off that thing.

There is another way. Decide where you want to be length-wise and grow your beard out the right way. In a way where you will love your beard every step of the way. If you go too hard, too fast, you might end up hating your beard and never grow one again. We can't all grow perfectly shaped, dense masterpieces. The normal beard needs some TLC to look it's best, and when it does, you will feel the best.

Grow your beard to the point where you know it is beginning to lose it's shape and trim it. Nothing major, but trim it just enough to get that perfect shape again. Take your time. Make it look perfect. Look at how much more dense it looks. You will feel suave. Your beard will look damn good. You will feel good! Now you can enjoy your beard looking amazing while it grows for another few months. Each time you do this, your beard will get longer and longer, looking great the whole time. The experience will be rewarding.

Don't fall into the trap that many of us here do. "I'm gonna grow for a whole year completely untrimmed!" Unless you have masterful genes, it will get to a point where you feel a bit insecure with your beard. Second guessing will become the norm. So when you decide you want to grow a nice big beard, decide how long you'd like it to be, take your time, and get there the right way. Somewhere along the journey you may even find that perfect length. A length that fits you and your lifestyle just right. It doesn't have to be super huge and epic. The beard is for you and nobody else. Stick with what feels good.

I hope this can help somebody. I wish I had done this when I grew my last beard. It got to the point where I became disgusted with it and thought about cutting it off non-stop, then I did. Bearding doesn't have to be hardcore, all in or nothing. Last night my wife did the honor of trimming my chaotic beard. She took her time (enjoying this mind you) and gave it the perfect shape. Maybe a half inch to an inch in some areas was sacrificed. Afterwards, I took a big glob of shea butter conditioner and massaged it through the beard. It looks and feels amazing. Being bearded has never been better. 

Additional comments :

I believe many newbies come here all pumped up, set a goal of time, get to the point where they are miserable, and leave with a bad taste in the mouth. Most are never to be seen again. It's like they have this indoctrination that a "real" beard is one that is never trimmed in any way. 

People should understand that most of the beards they see in movies and television have been trimmed, shaped, and cared for. Many of these men didn't just grow out these perfect dense beards in a few months.

Many new beard growers lack the patience and willpower, and a goal of time is the only way. I definitely concur with the yeard being viewed more as a challenge. That is why I did it. For the more patient men, however, a goal of length can still be a challenge. A challenge that could be equally, if not more rewarding, since the journey itself may be much more enjoyable. 

I in no way mean to undermine the achievements of others who have gone another route. Much respect goes to those that have set a goal and stuck it out for a huge beard. I just want people who don't have as good of beard genes to know that there is another way! Do what works best for you.

source : jefffsbeardboard.yuku.com

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