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Technique of Growing a Really Big Beard

This is a topic for the guy who is bearded who wants to grow a big or bigger beard or the guy who has decided to grow a big beard from the get go.

What Defines a Big Beard?

There really is no true definition for this. A big beard could be one that has grown for several months, probably at least 6 months (3 inches (7.6 cm)) for the average speed grower or it could be one that has grown for a year, two years or even let grow to terminal length. Now for the very slow growers or very fast growers, these time frames can be quite variable. 

What Are the Rules For Growing a Big Beard?

There really are no rules for growing a big beard but one: Grow your beard big and enjoy the entire process! Some schools of thought think that there should be no trims of anything along the way of growing to a big beard. Other schools think that it is mandatory to trim along the way and keep things looking neat and tidy. Other schools of thought fall in between. My school of thought is just grow it big, get to the big beard the way that you want to get to the big beard and do this for yourself! This is all about you and your desire to grow a big beard. Everything and everyone else does not matter when you are growing big.

What I did was to keep a natural cheek line from the start, but I trimmed a neck line until about 4 months when I abandoned trimming one. At this time the rest of the beard was big enough that the neck hairs just blended in with the rest of the beard. Also the neck hairs grow the longest and the fastest, so they quickly caught up. I also stopped trimming the stache. It is my opinion that a big beard needs a big stache, so you really need to let the stache get big along with the beard. Of course if a guy wants a cheek line, neck line and trimmed stache with a big beard, then anything goes. but by having all of those extra hairs in the beard by not trimming those lines, it will add more bigness to the beard and if a guy is after a big beard, then it only makes sense to have natural neck and cheek lines, meaning no trimming there. In the beginning to make the beard look more tidy, that is where trimming a neck line helps.

The Mindset For Growing Big

A person growing a big beard needs the proper mindset for doing so. Growing big is not for the "weak of heart" or the man swayed by popular opinion. If you want a big beard, then get ready for the comments (both positive and negative), stares, laughs in your face, family members, friends and work colleagues thinking that you have something wrong going on in the head and so on. The list of things we big beard wearers have to endure as we grow big is endless. It can be bad enough enduring some of these things just growing an ordinary sized beard, but when you grow big, well get ready for it all. Nothing can help with this but your own fortitude, resolve and the belief that you want a big beard and that no one will stop you from your goal. Now for the working man, you may want to check if you have some type of code in the employment manual that goes against big beards. If that does exist, better to bring out the issue in the beginning that you plan to grow a big beard and see if management will allow it. It is likely better to be proactive about this issue. It can be a good idea to be proactive with your plans with immediate family members, like spouse and children. Everyone else: friends, extended family members, etc., do not worry about what they think or say. Who cares what they think anyway? In time, everyone will come to realize that you are growing a big beard and that this is part of you and that they better get used to it. If the person giving you grief about growing a big beard is so superficial that he goes away and no longer wants to associate with you, then did you really want to keep him as an acquaintance anyway? I have stated this before: the big beard serves as a societal filter to get rid of the persons that we may not want around us any longer.

How Does A Man Grow A Big Beard?

The simple answer is to stop shaving or trimming and just grow the thing! The long answer is quite complex as there are lots of obstacles along the way. Since everyone's beard is different, just like our fingerprints, what works for one guy may not work for another. Here are some general rules about growing big that will most likely apply to most guys. But the thing to remember is to experiment with different techniques and find out what works for you:

-The main thing is to let as much, if not all, of the beard grow to get it as big as possible. We spoke about the neck line, cheek line and moustache above in the "Rules" section. In the beginning of bigger growth, placed lines may be desirable, but for the really big grower, these will need to be abandoned at some point, typically after 4 months of growth for the neck line. My preference is natural cheek line from the start. Now of course some guys have beards going up to the eye sockets who may want to trim a cheek line or at least snip off stray hairs here and there and then go and do so. Other guys may not have a lower neck line as the beard grows right down into the chest hair. So this guy may want to define a neck line, but in general, a big beard grower will want to let it all grow at some point.

-The growth habit is different from one guy to another. There are all types of beards and different hair qualities. Density, coverage, color and hair quality are all unique to each beard. The bushier beards will appear to take longer to get length, as the hairs compact onto themselves, whereas the straighter beards seem to get longer faster, at the expense of maybe not looking as dense. Sorry guys, but these are things we all have to deal with. The only way to get past these issues is time, patience and length. Longer beards in time will settle down and gravity will help out the bushy beard grower. Trimming may need to be done to help out the straighter grower to keep his beard looking thicker along the way. I will say it again: only time, length and patience will cure these issues.

-No growth or thin growth areas in time will likely be covered up by areas that are growing more densely, but this will not always happen. If there is too much of this going on, a guy may need to reevaluate his desire to grow a big beard as this just might not be the thing for him to do. He may want to consider growing his beard to the strengths that the beard has. For example if a guy truly has very weak sides, then growing a big full beard is probably not going to happen. Perhaps this guy can then trim off the sides and just go for a really big/long goatee. 

-Shampooing will become less necessary as the beard gets bigger. Daily rinsing with cool water is recommended to get out the surface dirt and sweat residue, but frequent shampooing dries out the big beard and makes it less manageable. (Some guys on here with big beards recommend not even rinsing the beard everyday and to avoid water on it as much as possible. I have tried this and actually like not rinsing my beard everyday and avoiding water on it.) Hot water also dries out the beard and is bad both for the beard and underlying skin. Avoid sulfate containing shampoos and conditioners. Shampooing once a week or even less often will be plenty (At my size, I only use shampoo about once per month when the oils have built up at the base of the beard near the skin and need to be removed). Conditioners can be used, but see below regarding oils as this is often the only conditioning that the big beard needs. There are many products out there, so try some of them and experiment along the way and see what works for you. Air/towel drying will be more natural for the beard than using a blow dryer. If using a blow dryer, set the heat level on a lower setting. 

-Split ends should be snipped off when evident. Just use a pair of scissors and snip off each individual hair below the split to minimize beard loss.

-Big beards need treatments (or conditioning), likely on at least a daily basis, with an oil, such as jojoba, olive, coconut, grapeseed, argan or others. There are also beard balms that can be used that have an oil and typically something like beeswax in it to provide more control over managing the big beard. Use whatever you like. Usually a very small amount of each product is necessary, so that these products that may be somewhat expensive can last a long time. This conditioning is necessary to treat the hairs to maintain their integrity and to prevent issues such as split ends. Also the oil makes the beard more manageable, easier to comb and/or brush, etc. It also adds a shine to it and can give the appearance of a beard that looks fuller. I typically use about 6 to 8 drops of jojoba oil once per day, but sometimes twice per day. Just work the oil into the beard with your fingers and hands. Be certain to condition all around the beard including the root area of the hairs and especially the longer lengthening ends of the beard as this area is the most susceptible to damage from the elements. The amount of oil an individual needs will vary based on beard length, density, etc. Experiment and find out what works for you. Typically apply the oil when the beard has dried after its rinsing. 

-Combing/Brushing your big beard can be done. Usually only wide toothed combs will work when the beard is really big and Boar's hair brushes are also touted on here. Your fingers also make the perfect comb for untangling beard hairs and removing the hairs that have fallen out of the beard, but have gotten stuck in the beard. If these are not consistently removed on a regular basis, especially for the bushy bearded guy (like me), then the beard will start to dread. 

Obstacles Along The Way to The Big Beard
Of course there are many and too many to mention here, but here are some of them:

-Ignorance from others. We already spoke about this above in "The Mindset" section. Just ignore everyone and grow your big beard.

-Bad beard days will be happening MANY times along the way to the big beard. I know this first hand. Remember the 24 hour rule (I actually invoked my own 72 hour rule and it saved me several times (I might have trimmed back if I had only waited 24 hours)) as it is even more important here than when just growing out a normal sized beard. It might take a guy 4 weeks to 3 months to grow out a beard and if he shaves and caves, it will not take too long to get his beard back. If a guy has been growing for a year and has a few bad beard days and trims it way back, he may have lost almost a year of growth! 

-Shirt collars. I am talking about button down dress shirts for work. There will be an in between phase where the beard is always getting into the collar. This will go on for months. Button the shirt all the way up to the top and this will help minimize the annoyance. Better yet is stop wearing those types of shirts if possible.

-Different rates of hair growth occur in all beards. A person may need to trim faster growth areas to even things out if this bothers him. It is up to the individual here on what to do. The typical thing is for the lower end of the beard to get see through as the neck hairs are growing the fastest. Trimming these back can give the appearance of thickening up the beard at the expense of just losing a little bit of length. Some guys on this site advocate this technique when growing big. This then gives the rest of the beard a chance to catch up. This type of trimming can be done every couple of months and in time, the overall beard will get bigger. It is just that the lower end of the beard will not be as long. 

-Moustache hairs in the mouth can be a problem for some. Try to train the stache hairs laterally and do this before eating. Products on the stache can help with this. Many areas on this Board deal with this issue. Check those areas out.

-Breakage of hairs can happen. Be gentle with combing, brushing, washing and taking care of your beard. Treat it with respect and this will be minimized. It may be that only fingers can get through your beard hairs. This is the case for me. I can no longer comb or brush my beard as these instruments do not go freely through the beard. Use the oils daily to minimize breakage. Eat a good diet to keep your hair healthy. Exercise and rest can help your overall health and a beard is part of you, so treat your body with respect as well.

-Beard hair shedding is normal. If you see hairs fallen out from the beard and the attached bulb is at one end of the hair, then this is just normal shedding of that particular hair and there is nothing abnormal about this. It is all part of the hair's natural life cycle. I lose about 20 hairs per day. I hate when I lose the 17 inchers, but it happens and that is just the way that it is. Most of the hairs I shed get stuck in my beard, so I have to GENTLY work them out of the beard with my fingers in order to prevent dread locks as noted above. I can spend several minutes a day doing this type of beard maintenance and that is just the way that it is. Growing a really big beard is a lot of work if you want it to look good! If you are not willing to invest the time on your big beard, then stick with the short beard and I truly mean this. 

source : jefffsbeardboard.yuku.com

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