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What is Terminal Beard Length?

Terminal length or terminal growth is the common definition of the point at which the beard appears to stop growing or getting bigger, the time and size of which varies greatly from one individual to another. 

The normal cycle of a mature hair follicle is that the hair in that follicle grows to some predetermined length and eventually stops growing or getting any longer. It is at this point that the hair reaches its terminal length or terminal growth point. The hair may stay in the follicle for any length of time after reaching terminal length or it may fall out of the follicle, in which case, a new hair will grow to take its place in the same follicle. This predetermined length varies greatly from one individual to another and it can vary from one area to another of the same beard.  Since hair grows at about the same rate, then hairs of different terminal lengths will take proportionately longer or shorter to reach their terminal length.

Terminal growth for one guy might be 3 inches (7.6 cm.) in length and less than a year of time to reach this. In the other extreme it might be a beard that is 3 feet long (91 cm) or longer and takes years to stop growing, if it ever does. Everyone's terminal length is different, so for the very few interested to see what his beard may do with time, the intrigue of reaching terminal length is there. Also different parts of the beard reach terminal growth at different times. The central moustache hairs and soul patch commonly reach this first. The neck beard and chin hairs commonly reach this last. The other parts of the beard fall somewhere in between. But it is the time where the entire beard no longer seems to be growing is where the definition of terminal length or growth applies.

This entire process varies WIDELY from one man to another and is as unique to the man as his beard is to himself, but the average time to reach terminal length is about 2 to 3 years. Of course the beard is still actively growing when terminal length is reached, it is just that the loss of older beard hairs combined with the replacement by new beard hairs has reached a static point in the beard's growth, so it appears that the beard has stalled out and is not growing anymore.   

It also varies with the age of the man growing a beard. The teen ager or younger man, before reaching full beard maturity, will have a shorter terminal length. The age at which full beard maturity finally occurs varies greatly, sometimes not being reached until a man is in his 40s. So for the younger guy who is growing his beard and thinks that he has reached a very short terminal length, hang in there, for as the years go on beard maturity will set in and terminal length will likely increase.

source : jefffsbeardboard.yuku.com

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