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Why Men Have Mustache?

Unless and until triggered by hormonal imbalance, men have mustache and beard, and women have clean face. Of course, some women have fine fur around the jaws and over the upper lip, however, this facial hair can be distinguished from mustache and beard. Men use razor, electric or manual, to remove their facial hair, and women use different depilation techniques such as waxing, threading, hair removing cream, electrolysis etc. to remove their facial hair, if they have any.

      source : Saugat Malla, a Nepali movie star, sporting mustache and goatee. 

Reasons Why Men Have Mustache

Mustache and beard normally begin to grow in males during their initial puberty period, and develops in the puberty stage that is between 11 and 21 years of age. Depending on genetic conditions and environment, the process of facial hair growth may vary in individuals. Male facial hair growth is triggered by testosterone, a strong androgenic hormone produced by the testes. The amount of testosterone hormone in a man’s body is responsible for quality of facial hair, normally more testosterone hormone means more facial hair in a man.

Today growing mustache, or beard for that matter, is a personal taste; however, a wide range of customs and religious beliefs, across cultures and countries, have been associated with facial hair since ancient time.

Development of Facial Hair in Men

- Years 11-15 : Fine hair begins to appear at the corners of the upper lip

- Years 16-17 : Hair spreads to form an arch over the upper lip

- Years 17-18 : Fine hair appears around the jaws and upper cheeks

- Years 18-21 : Hair begins to thicken and spreads over the jaws, checks and chin

- Men tend mustache in various ways, for instance:

- Trimming mustache

- Styling mustache to give it different shapes

- Shaving hair on cheeks, jaws and chin and stopping it to become full beard

- Growing mustache and beard together

Tools for mustache care

- Shaving razors

- Mustache scissors

- Mustache wax

- Mustache brush

- Mustache comb

Types of Mustaches
                                                        source : Different Types of Mustaches created in Photoshop 

- Fu Manchu Mustache: Long and narrow mustache pointing downwards

- Horseshoe Mustache: Mustache that is shaped liked upside-down horseshoe.

- Handlebar Mustache: Thick mustache with ends pointing upwards.

- Imperial Mustache: Thick mustache covering the entire upper lip and the ends curled.

- Natural Mustache: Untrimmed mustache that is thick in the middle and slightly curved on the ends.

- Chevron mustache: Thick and bushy mustache covering the upper lip, whiskers pointing towards the mouth.

- Hungarian Mustache: Thick mustache with hair pointed downwards and covering the entire upper lip

source : Different types of mustaches created from Photoshop brush 

- Toothbrush Mustache: Thick mustache that is shaved at the ends; worn by Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler

- English Mustache: Long and narrow mustache, pointed towards the ears

- Pencil Mustache: Sometimes called mouth-brows; thin mustache that outlines the upper lip, borders are shaved to make it narrow.

- Dali Mustache: Named after Salvador Dalí, surrealist Spanish painter (1904-1989); corners of upper lips shaved, narrow and long 
  mustache curved upwards from the ends.

- Freestyle Mustache: Unstyled mustache that is thick and covers the entire lips

- Pancho Villa mustache: Named after Mexican historical figure Pancho Villa (also called droopy mustache); it is long, thick and 
  pointed downwards.

Interesting Facts About Mustache

- Men have been grooming facial hair since thousands of years. In   Neolithic age, men used stone razors to trim mustache and shave beard .

- The oldest portrait depicting a man with shaved beard and well   groomed mustache is a painting of Scythian horseman on the felt, 
dating back to 4th or 5th century BC. Ancient Egyptians artifacts
also depict different types of mustaches.

- The Romans thought Gauls were barbaric because Gauls shaved   beard and groomed mustache.

- In 1447, Britain passed an act, which stated men should shave   their mustache. However, by the late 18th century, new rules    
forbade English soldiers to shave their mustache

- Middle Eastern men go through mustache and beard transplants,called follicular unit extraction, to have more impressive facial hair.

- According to Guinness Book of World Records, Ram Singh Chauhan form Rajasthan, India has the longest mustache. When 
Chauhan's mustache was measures on 4 March 2010, it was 4.29 m (14 ft).

- After many years of research, Jon Chattman and Rich Tarantino   wrote a book titled Sweet 'Stache: 50 Badass Mustaches and the 
faces Who Sport Them. Chattman and Tarantino analyses cultural   relevance of mustache, and ranks on 1 to 10 scale based on hair 
quality , style and length.

- In Arabic culture, clean shaved men are thought to be liberal and   inclined towards Western ideas and values, men with beard but no 
mustache are believed to be Islamic traditionalists, and men with
mustache are thought to be a member of power circle. This 
sentiment has been emulated in Islamic culture in different countries, from Indonesia and Malaysia in the Far East to India, 
Pakistan and Afghanistan in the South Asia and Iran and Turkey in the Central Asia.

- The World Beard and Mustache Association holds a biennial competition “World Beard and Mustache Championships.” Men 
compete for the first position in different categories for different types of mustaches and beards.

source : hubpages.com/style/Why-Men-Have-Mustache.  

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