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if you’re thinking about growing a beard or just in the early stages – hang in there!
It can be a little rough at times, but ask anyone with a full beard and you’ll quickly realize it’s worth it.
Week 1
-Itchiness is the first thing you’ll notice. Power through.
-Start using a beard oil of some kind to help keep your face and beard moisturized.
Week 2-3

-You’ll start to notice the beginnings of what your beard will look like.
-This is the stubble stage, it’s also one that is most popular with the ladies.

Week 4-8

-The bum stage. People will ask you if you’re going to shave.
-You’re going to start noticing the patches, but resist the urge to trim.

Week 9-13 (2-3 Months)

-You’ve made it to a pivotal point. The patches should be filling in nicely.
-It’s a good time to see a barber you trust for a trim.

4-5 Months

-It may seem like the growth has slowed but keep going!
-By now you’ll probably be settled on what shape you want your beard to have.

6-8 Months

-The fullness will become noticeable. You may even see your beard in your peripheral vision.
-Either keep letting your barber clean it up when you visit, or learn how to do it yourself.

9-12 Months

-Maintain the status quo. If you trim it yourself and mess up don’t make any rash decisions and shave it all off.
-You are becoming a beard aficionado.

1 Year and Beyond

-You’ve reached a yeard (a beard grown for a year).
-Determine the length you want to go for. If you’d like to keep the length going, then keep on growing. Otherwise keep it styled using beard waxes and balms.

source : gentlemanhq.com/beard-stages

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